Projects implemented by SHR
Let’s PeaceJam
“Youth Debates for NK Conflict Resolution”
Karabakh Public dialog (Discussion on Karabakh issues and articles in newspapers)
Preparation of Internet resource Karabakhblog
Dialogue Through Film – Outreach Programme and Screening Guide
Documentary film “Nagorniy Karabakh: consultation with society”
Provision of humanitarian assistance to the deported population illegally residing in Georgia and support for prevention of their illegal movement

“10 days with refugee children’s”
“Manual book for municipal bodies”
Voter education and help to pre-election campaign
“NGO Manual book”
“NGO-NEWS Digest”
“Magazine “Human Rights in Azerbaijan”
“Dialog between Ethnic group in Azerbaijan”
Magazine “Human Rights in Azerbaijan”
Special number of magazine “Human Rights in Azerbaijan” for international Refugee day
NGOs Newswire and hot line
Peace building process with decision of problems POWs
“Advocacy and Lobbying of Housing Problems Solutions of IDP in Azerbaijan and Georgia
Master Class for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists – Baku
Publication of the book “Karabakh being discussed”
Inclusion of community to peacemaking process
Master Class for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists – Lankaran.Gandja
Translation of Documentary films for South Caucasus Festival “Nationality Human”
Preparation of the research “The cost of conflict”

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